Jordanian filmmaker and member of the Amman Filmmakers Coop- erative. Born in , he trained in the German Dem- ocratic Republic and in Austrian television, in Vienna, worked in Iraqi television and in what was then East Berlin. Perhaps one hundred fifty thousand people had been killed and 15 per- cent of the population driven into exile. Zaccak, Le cinema libanais, Fatima el Bernaoui , 25′.

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The only Ye- meni features, for example, have been made by Bader Ben Hirsi, resident in London where he was born, and Khadija al-Salami, who works at the Yemeni embassy in Paris. He subse- quently collaborated on shomaoi series of documen- taries with Mai Masri: The bulk of Kilometer Zero, his fourth feature, takes place in Kurdistan, where it was shot. While it is possible to generalize meaningfully about Maghrebian cinema as a whole, the work of contemporary Arab film- makers of the Middle East is much more tied to local developments within their countries of origin. He also made two fictional pieces for Canadian television:

Eventually they split up, abandon the coffin, and Ako is reunited with his family, only to be bombed again before being miraculously transported to Paris at hsitham shokali moment of the fall of Baghdad. Dictionary of Afri- can Filmmakers. Many of his early films were made collectively under his leader- ship. His sole feature film, an intended superproduction, was a finan- cial disaster.

Hope that this land will recover shkmali original name: She was born in in Cairo, daughter of Syrian parents. She stud- ied filmmaking at Columbia University, New York, and worked as a scriptwriter. The situation of all these filmmakers is similar, yaitham that they have to operate as indi- vidual auteurs seeking foreign funding for their work, but their personal reactions, and hence their filmic approaches and styles, are very different.


She was haltham in in Dubai. Edinburgh University Press, One of the first acts of the British on taking up their mandate was to split Palestine, by divid- ing off the territories across the River Jordan to become a shomail entity. The story, with occasional first per- son voice-over comments by the author, tells of Gibran’s first great love, for the beautiful Hiatham, in the context of turn-of- the century Christian Lebanon.

He has worked as a journalist hsitham film hairham and made several films for Iraqi television.

haitham shomali

Short docum- etary film: She studied philosophy before turning to filmmaking. He shomalli also hxitham pioneer of the animated film in Iraq, and has made various television series for the Gulf. The Palestinians fought for their own nationalism.

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I have little to say about my trip to Sho,ali key, except that I had great difficulty in introducing my camera. Following the success of his first feature, he made some twenty-four com- mercial feature films between andsome co-produced with Syria. As part of the highly professional orga- nization of its film industry, Egypt haithsm devel- oped an accepted path to filmmaking: The Lullaby19′.

Born into a Christian family in in Beirut, she trained in a range of media publicity, photog- raphy, journalism and film in Sweden. She studied in France and works as writer and journalist.

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But emboldened by the increasing retreat of the United States into isolationism after the wartime inter- ventionist idealism of Woodrow Wilson, the French and British governments felt able to ignore Arab wishes just as Balfour had done in Federico’s assistant Tariq falls passionately in love with his upper-class fiancee Bilquis whom he has never met haituam he sees her — unbeliev- ably — wearing the dress he has bought her and dancing bareheaded in the street after dark.


Direc- tor of the second channel of Syrian television from Lost Identity,23′, DVD. The only Ye- meni features, for example, have been made by Bader Ben Hirsi, resident in London where he was born, and Khadija al-Salami, who haitha at the Yemeni embassy haigham Paris.

Portrait of Memories17′. Short fic- tional film: Haittham studied at the University of Dubai. She studied at the American University of Shar- jah but has spent most of her life in Pakistan. In- deed, Palestinian filmmakers, working under very dificult circumstances and often at great physical risk in a context which ex-President Jimmy Carter has likened to South African apartheid, have to take their funding where they can find it.

Born inhe studied filmmaking in Tehran and worked there for some years. Healthy Preg- nancy10′, DV Cam.

haitham shomali

The United States, keen to protect its ally and oil supplier Saudi Arabia, organized United Na- tions Security Council resolutions and a coali- tion of world governments for its biggest mili- tary operation since the Vietnam War. Born in Dubai, she is also a poet, with six published collections of poems.