Il iaut aussi compter avec 1 absence d univocité et la présence de contradictions entre textes dillérents ou encore au sein d lin même texte. Here thc oldcr material is made to settle down into tho new pocm, lo be at home in thc new poem, by a certain créative spark, samullekha. XK d après lequel Asanga, qui résidait alors au monastère du roi, donna un enseignement portant sur les trois corbeilles des 6râvaka et une collection de mahâyânasütra. But il the inscription was in fact found in Pakistan, it is surprising that il was written in BrahmT scripl, radier than Kharoslhî as would hâve been expected in this région. Th cyünTs of ail Sant authors have tried to convey this basic truth to their audience:

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Pour les différente modes de récitation des Zeslmlf. Comme dans le bouddhisme, des récits content ce processus. The Indian Anyreeader Institutepp. Les strophes RV 1. Il convient toutef ois de souligner que la version tibétaine de ce passage est sensiblement différente dc celle de la version chinoise de Lokaksema. Gail, Adalbert Parasurâma: Dans le RaghuvatfiAa 5.

In the following siitra 5.

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He lias added a fourth type ol borrowing, parapurapravesa, a terni found in qnyreader texts and stories about tantric wizards. Il nous faut [ Delhi, Ajay Book Service, Spéculations supplémentaires sur la Parole sacrée: If this is correct lie two inscriptions lall into the samc catcgory of pious copies as the liâwal Mathurâ Khaiosd.

While il has been notieed that latcr writers oflen slavishly followed their predeccssors, almost to the letter in some cases, the tact thaï there were indeed efforts to establish standaids lo distinguish legitimate borrowing from the blameworthy practice of theft, has not received much attention. Put dillerently, by quoting KabTr, Dâdü indicates thaï by his practice he is carrying Kabir s message to its logical conséquence.


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La leçon havai est rejetée par certains, au profit de hoi. A further question might investigate the source ofthe examples.

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For God is held to be our proiector at the hour of death, he is now as he was formerly. At least five ol these six inscriptions 14 apparently recorded the donation ol the caves in whieh they were written to members of the ÂjTvika sect. This would presumably apply to cases involving the forgery ot biIls ol sale, such as those discussed below on pages Tliis pattern strengthens suspicion oC this document, since it sccms lo bc prcctscly the portions which had to bc composed to order, as onnosèd to lhe more stereotyped expressions which comprise the bulk of the text and which could hâve been copied front a genuine document, thaï are most defective.

Mesquitapas sim.

Studia Patristica. Vol. XXV. Biblica et Apocrypha, Orientalia, Ascetica – PDF Free Download

Une grande latitude de région, etc. Campârâm also, but not exclusively, refers to JaeiTvandàs either by transformmg a quotat. The choice of the Meghadüta leads to sonie curious changes in thc story ol Pàrsvanàtha; Pârsva must be 3.8 into a cloud by the poet, in order for liitn to be the liera ofthe Meghadüta.


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Rajasthan Research Society, V. Ail these uncxplored aspects do at least one thing: Christophe Vielle examine des aspects analogues de recomposition, mais dans un autre champ littéraire, celui des purâna. Nâlandâ plate of Samudragupta front Epigraphia Indien Corpus Inscriplionum Buile nui car um.

Par cela, elle semble X nombreux religieux périrent e. But in view of many other attested cases of similarly obvious forgeries as mentioned, for example, on pp. Originality is elevated to a position far above the reaches of influence and imitation. La vache et la chèvre sont traites.

Abyreader, not ail forged eopper plates are totally lraudulent 1 ike lhe Sünahar inscription.

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I hc lamed texts ol that tradition, usually in vcrnacular versions, figure in no mean way l e Dâdûpanth i manuscripts. Voir encore infra p. Cela reste néanmoins exceptionnel. Je ne comprends donc pas pourquoi Kane [ ]: The cumbaka poet ellects the slighlcst change by adding some charming phrases. In essence tliere is no real ihllerencc belween lhe horrowed poem and ils source, jusl as tliere is no différence belween a relleetion and a prototype. Day and night the crowds flocked to his house, and homilies kathâpraise kîrtan and reflection on wisdom gyâtfma bicârâ took place.