This is before we scour overall.

To fix in a depleting standard presence

It’s the spot I was proposed from my Jeju island trip.

Considering everything, I’m not taking a gander at Shilla Hotel

I can’t envision anything

Now Teddy Valley cc back rub

I think I’ll review Olleh smell

We’ll look at the sea side and take a walk

He quieted his depleted cerebrum and body at work.

I walked such an immense heap of that my legs hurt

It was my second day since I was exhausted

I came to Jeju Teddy Valley cc back rub shop.

It was completely colossal, to the point that I should familiarize it with you.

The exhilarating appearance to the entry

I genuinely can’t dismissal to survey the picture of sunflower

Considering feng shui rules, sunflowers these days

I heard you like the picture. I in like manner have a picture of sunflower in my home

I expected to hang one up

It’s seen as underground

I went down.

The fragrance of the smultering inside..

The smell of basic deak oil is tranquil

I made unwinding up.

The fragrance that recovers when you get inside

The staggering props stood out.

There are such perpetual wonderful lights

The environment was so free and overwhelming.

Likewise, there’s an extra room,

Individual impacts and stuff

I can leave it here without losing it

Astonishing! There are four rooms totally,

You can save a spot for up to 15 people taking everything into account,

In the event that you come on a party trip

I recommend you to stop by here and take a rest

We got full-body care.

Last course of couple trip

I heard a different gathering come.

We made a rushed reservation the earlier evening

I displayed in Jeju and moved to Jungmun

This is the circumstance that I came here the next day.

Course is full body care, stomach care, and foot care after foot shower

It incorporates extending!

On the off chance that you add 10,000 won to the smell course

I can manage the stone also

They will manage the stone other than.

Stone can pass on waste or hurtful substances

I heard it’s exceptional.

For your information, stone… Like a monster

It’s an amazing stone and takes after a ridiculous saffron

Put it on and oil it

I warmed it in the wake of applying it.. So suddenly

I’m moving past my exhaustion.

My darling and I will do it intentionally

I picked when there weren’t different people

Incredible to come

Precisely when we’re done

Ma’am, customers are coming

Your face is gushing out done with chuckling

I thought you were Instagramers

They live close here and say they’re regulars

There are a lot of standard customers

We didn’t snap a photograph 출장안마 of two people scouring

This is before we scour overall.

It’s so great. Look at the covering I’m crazy

The rose salt foot shower I gave you

The petals are with you,

The tone was so beautiful.

Since the foot is the accompanying heart

Basically tidying up in this manner

It is huge for insufficiency recovery and blood dispersal.

I’m not flawless

Look at the center interests

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